First Letter To My Shareholders on Empire Avenue

09 Jan

Dear all:

I’ve started playing Empire Avenue a week ago and I’ve already reached the 75 per share mark, thanks to all of you.

If you feel confident about the growth in my stock price and dividend earnings, you can now invest up to a maximum of 600 shares in (e)EMAN8888.

I am continuing with my strategy of proactive trading of growth stocks for rapid capital gains. This has proved to be effective for me as I have managed to reach the 1 million mark in 6 days. This means that in the next few days I will be able to run missions to promote my profiles which will result in increased dividend earnings and higher value of your (e)EMAN8888holdings.

I’m working on achieving the 1 percent mark (1 percent dividend earnings relative to price per share) myself. I am committed to providing you with a healthy return on investment by being consistent on my activities in all the platforms that are measured by EA, such as Twitter, FB, and Linkedin.

I am confident that I will reach at least 80 eaves per share by this weekend and hopefully, will also reach .80 in dividend per share.

Again, thanks everyone and looking forward to networking and connecting with you all in the days ahead. Any advice from you would be most welcome, feel free to leave your message below.


Manny Gonot

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