366 Daily Newspapers Now Out

12 Jan daily issue

I’m slowly expanding my network. Last night, I finally got to publishing my first papers at I’ve known about this site for over a year now I think but for some reason, I’ve kept putting off making any use of it. Until now. I guess this is one more positive effect of my participation at Empire Avenue.

I’m starting with 3 topics to get it rolling: SEO, search engine marketing, and Empire Avenue to get the ball rolling. So, if you want all your news on these topics aggregated and curated in one place, go ahead and subscribe or just bookmark these dailies.

Like Adam Toparek at IntenseFence, I still have no clear grasp of the value of to SEO or marketing. I have some good friends in the industry who are using it and have encouraged me in the past to use it but I will make my own judgement.

I see it as both an amplifier and a content curation system. I think there’s an automatic tweeting mechanism in there, so that should account for some additional mentions on Twitter which is always helpful for branding. Some people actually report getting new contacts or followers from among people in their target markets who were mentioned in their dailies.  I’d also like to use it as a source of information on these topics because I can only sift through so much on my Google Reader.

Right now, I’m inclined to say that it’s useful given those two application I mentioned above. We’ll see if I’m proven wrong in the months ahead.

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