Empire Avenue Mission Results

15 Jan

Empire Avenue mission resultsI’ve launched two missions thus far on Empire Avenue: one directed towards my Business page and the other towards a new profile that I created to be used exclusively for my business and professional contacts.

I’ve been mixing personal and business contacts in one profile since 2007 and now that I’ve doubled the activity directed to my business contacts, I noticed that my friends and family are getting less and less involved or interested in my content. There is also the language difference: I love bantering with my compatriots in our native language (Cebuano) and I have a feeling that this might not sit too well with those who only speak English and are therefore excluded from the conversations.

Back to the missions. The first one was launched about two weeks ago and it was designed to attract fans to my business page. The reward amount was set at 500e with only 50 mission slots. Cost was about 53,000e. Additional cost was incurred as I sent out a letter to subscribers informing them about the mission.

The second one, launched this past weekend, was crafted to jumpstart my brand new business profile on Facebook. The reward amount was the same as the first mission. Restrictions (a new feature in the EA missions not available a week ago) include minimum 10 of my shares bought by the mission-doer. This time, I chose not to inform my shareholders.

Here’s the interesting part. The results I got from both missions were identical: 37 likes and 37 friend requests or exactly 74% conversion rate. The data is too limited obviously so it doesn’t warrant any generalizations plus other factors might have intervened like the target page (Facebook is a trusted site) and the amount of reward.

It would probably vary in my upcoming missions but as it is there’s no discernible difference between the free and the restricted missions. It also appears that even without the shareholder letter, people still found out about the 2nd mission.

As I said, new qualifiers and restrictions are now available to help mission owners prevent unwanted people (players who previously just buy 1 share of the mission owner’s stocks in order to get the reward) from participating. It’s getting good results for some people, from what I’ve heard, but others who placed ridiculous restrictions (must have 100 shares @250e each for 10 days) are finding their missions almost untouched. Personally, I think treating half the people who do missions as thieves and making the other half go through hoops to get your platry 500e is simply ridiculous. But that’s another story.

I’m already playing and writing too much about Empire Avenue, I should probably lay off this stuff for a while


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3 responses to “Empire Avenue Mission Results

  1. Libdrone

    January 16, 2012 at 5:14 am

    I have been very pleased with the results I’ve had using missions so far. The other day I gave out 50 500eaves rewards and my WordPress stats showed I got 47 visitors from Empire Avenue that day. I heard some friends complain that they felt that some mission creators expect an awful lot for 500 eaves (I admit I was a little taken aback by the guy who expected folks to press EVERY share button). So I decided not to make a bunch of demands. It seems to work well for me. I’ve gotten lots of tweets and FB shares. Nice to meet you on the Avenue, btw.

  2. Emmanuel Gonot

    January 17, 2012 at 1:51 am

    Hi there, Libdrone. Sorry, it took me so long to approve your comment — I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t check the spam folder. Maybe I should just set the comments to automatic approval, I just have this dread of spam from my experience on another blog I was managing that had no anti-spam plugin.

    Glad that it’s working very well for you. I agree that missions to be attractive shouldn’t have to many demands or be too complicated — unless it’s something similar to what this guy did the other day who, out of the blue, posted a mission for 25k a pop. I’m sure everyone who participated went ‘above and beyond’ what he requested.

    My current model for missions is one action required + one optional action. I got very good results from those who participated in my latest one — about 300+ likes and 40 comments. I took note of about 10 people who took the eaves and run, so I’ll probably design my next one to exclude this type of riffraff.

    It’s also my great pleasure meeting you on EAv. Enjoy reading your blog everyday, it’s becoming a habit, hard to come by people with anything substantial or sensible to say outside of marketing in my corner. 🙂

  3. Libdrone

    January 18, 2012 at 1:02 am

    I have heard some folks complaining about some mission creators expecting an awful lot for 500 eaves. And I can certainly appreciate their feelings. It was with those complaints in mind that I am currently using Missions to target traffic to my new blog. I’ve found that if I give away 50 sets of however many eaves (sometimes I do 500, sometimes 1000) and ask nicely for people to leave Likes, comments or shares, but assure them they are welcome to keep the eaves just for stopping by, I only get about 40 visits from the Link but seem to get lots of tweets, FB Likes, WP Likes, etc. People don’t like be ordered but are happy to help if you just ask them.


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