Report To My Shareholders on Empire Avenue – January 2012

01 Feb

Shareholder's Report on Empire AvenueDear all:

Today marks one full month since I started playing the game and I’m happy to report that:

My SHARE PRICE has now reached 92e per share and I’m on track to join the Century Club in two weeks or less.

Your DIVIDEND as of yesterday 30 January 2012 has now reached 0.96e per share. I have achieved the goal I have outlined to you in my letter 3 weeks ago about achieving a 1% dividend ratio (compared to share price).

Total assets have now reached 4.2 million and I’m positive I can reach 8 mil by the end of February.

DIVIDEND EARNINGS from my own investments is now at 31K eaves per day making it possible for me to launch 3 small missions directed to Twitter, Facebook profile and Facebook page. These missions are instrumental in achieving higher grades (higher dividend for you) for these sites.

I owe you all a BIG THANK YOU, I’ve reached these significant milestones because of your support.

Thank you!

Beyond the game, please feel free to connect with me on the other sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, I would love to network with you.


Emmanuel Gonot

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