Feeling Good on Empire Avenue

I must be doing something right on the avenue these days, here’s what I got when I checked into my account this morning:

Feeling good on Empire Avenue

Thank you, Henry James Banayat! You just made my day, dude!

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Report To My Shareholders on Empire Avenue – January 2012

Shareholder's Report on Empire AvenueDear all:

Today marks one full month since I started playing the game and I’m happy to report that:

My SHARE PRICE has now reached 92e per share and I’m on track to join the Century Club in two weeks or less.

Your DIVIDEND as of yesterday 30 January 2012 has now reached 0.96e per share. I have achieved the goal I have outlined to you in my letter 3 weeks ago about achieving a 1% dividend ratio (compared to share price).

Total assets have now reached 4.2 million and I’m positive I can reach 8 mil by the end of February.

DIVIDEND EARNINGS from my own investments is now at 31K eaves per day making it possible for me to launch 3 small missions directed to Twitter, Facebook profile and Facebook page. These missions are instrumental in achieving higher grades (higher dividend for you) for these sites.

I owe you all a BIG THANK YOU, I’ve reached these significant milestones because of your support.

Thank you!

Beyond the game, please feel free to connect with me on the other sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, I would love to network with you.


Emmanuel Gonot

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Switching Facebook Profiles On Empire Avenue and Klout

switching Facebook profiles on Klout and Empire AvenueI’ve been planning to do it for 6 months now — create separate Facebook profiles, one for family and personal friends and another one for business contacts. I finally made the switch last Monday and connected the new profile to Empire Avenue and to Klout.

No effect on Klout so far, I suspect they don’t update their information as frequently as Empire Avenue.

On, EAv, the effect was almost immediate as soon as I stopped activities on the old profile — my share price dropped by .45e which caused a bit of panic selling — I ended up with a deficit of 1.45e.

I had a feeling there will be more selling the next day if I didn’t do something. After considering the options, I removed the old profile from EAv and connected the new one which has only about 50+ friends. I then made 25 posts on SEO, social media, and some humorous pics on the profile. Finally, I launched an EAv mission (number 3) inviting people to like the posts and leave a few comments.

Altogether, I got about 20 new friends, 350 likes, and 35 comments from the mission. I didn’t bother to see the conversion rate, I just wanted some good numbers to boost the profile’s grades with EAv.

The result of this was that the profile got a grade of 44 and I recovered the lost 1.45e and made a net gain of 2.45e which made the share price climb to more than 85e for the first time.

Takeaway lesson from this is the ranking can be influenced for as long as you have the eaves to launch missions. While I’m strongly working to network with many of the my new friends on the site and on all the other platforms, I’m convinced that a weekly or biweekly mission directed to each of the connected networks can really do a lot of good to the share price and dividends.

Eaves and plenty of it, that’s the ticket. At 2.3 million after 15 days of playing, I’m on track I think to reach 50 million by the end of the year. That should make for a hefty war chest to launch all those missions.



Empire Avenue Mission Results

Empire Avenue mission resultsI’ve launched two missions thus far on Empire Avenue: one directed towards my Business page and the other towards a new profile that I created to be used exclusively for my business and professional contacts.

I’ve been mixing personal and business contacts in one profile since 2007 and now that I’ve doubled the activity directed to my business contacts, I noticed that my friends and family are getting less and less involved or interested in my content. There is also the language difference: I love bantering with my compatriots in our native language (Cebuano) and I have a feeling that this might not sit too well with those who only speak English and are therefore excluded from the conversations.

Back to the missions. The first one was launched about two weeks ago and it was designed to attract fans to my business page. The reward amount was set at 500e with only 50 mission slots. Cost was about 53,000e. Additional cost was incurred as I sent out a letter to subscribers informing them about the mission.

The second one, launched this past weekend, was crafted to jumpstart my brand new business profile on Facebook. The reward amount was the same as the first mission. Restrictions (a new feature in the EA missions not available a week ago) include minimum 10 of my shares bought by the mission-doer. This time, I chose not to inform my shareholders.

Here’s the interesting part. The results I got from both missions were identical: 37 likes and 37 friend requests or exactly 74% conversion rate. The data is too limited obviously so it doesn’t warrant any generalizations plus other factors might have intervened like the target page (Facebook is a trusted site) and the amount of reward.

It would probably vary in my upcoming missions but as it is there’s no discernible difference between the free and the restricted missions. It also appears that even without the shareholder letter, people still found out about the 2nd mission.

As I said, new qualifiers and restrictions are now available to help mission owners prevent unwanted people (players who previously just buy 1 share of the mission owner’s stocks in order to get the reward) from participating. It’s getting good results for some people, from what I’ve heard, but others who placed ridiculous restrictions (must have 100 shares @250e each for 10 days) are finding their missions almost untouched. Personally, I think treating half the people who do missions as thieves and making the other half go through hoops to get your platry 500e is simply ridiculous. But that’s another story.

I’m already playing and writing too much about Empire Avenue, I should probably lay off this stuff for a while


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Empire Avenue Mission Number 2

Empire Avenue missions
Let’s Be Friends On Facebook

I have created an FB profile exclusively for my business and professional friends. This should allow me to network better with all of you and to track, share, and comment on YOUR posts more quickly.

It’s a brand spanking new profile that needs some loving so hit that friend request button fast.

If you want to connect with me on the other platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, the button images at the top of my profile have links to those sites as well.

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU to all my shareholders. With your continued support, I’ve reached my goals of 80e per share price and 2mil war chest (almost) for my second week in the game. Thank you very much.

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Empire Avenue Guides, Strategies, Tips, Resources, Etc.

There are numerous guides on how to play and succeed on Empire Avenue that out there. Since I’ll be spending some time (at least an hour a day on the site this year), I thought it might be a good idea to sift through a few of these pages and pick out the few outstanding posts that can help me take my game a notch higher.

Here are top Empire Avenue guides available:

Chris Pirillo’s “My Empire Avenue Strategy and Tips”

This guide by Chris Pirillo, ticker (e)PIRILLO, is be the must-read guide for anyone who’s serious about the game. It’s pretty comprehensive covering such topics as ROI, dividend yields, growth vs.income stocks, investing, friends on the avenue, etc. The takeaway is that Empire Avenue isn’t like your other social networks, it’s a stock trading game, first and foremost. You can and should be picky in your investments but you can still network and be friends with people you meet on the avenue. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Nancy Messieh’s “A Beginners Guide to Empire Avenue”

Empire Avenue 101 (Newbie Guide)

Lisa Loeffler’s “Empire Avenue for Business Guide”

Empire Avenue Guide by e(STREETELF)


The Pirillo Power Pack For Empire Avenue

Web Sites:

Big Tez’s Ramblings

EAV Shareholder Missions: Tips and Tricks

The Influencier

Of course, this is an incomplete list. I will be adding other helpful posts and guides on Empire Avenue to this resource page as soon as I discover them. If you have your own guide or you know of a good one, please feel free to leave a message below and I’ll take a look.

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366 Daily Newspapers Now Out daily issue

I’m slowly expanding my network. Last night, I finally got to publishing my first papers at I’ve known about this site for over a year now I think but for some reason, I’ve kept putting off making any use of it. Until now. I guess this is one more positive effect of my participation at Empire Avenue.

I’m starting with 3 topics to get it rolling: SEO, search engine marketing, and Empire Avenue to get the ball rolling. So, if you want all your news on these topics aggregated and curated in one place, go ahead and subscribe or just bookmark these dailies.

Like Adam Toparek at IntenseFence, I still have no clear grasp of the value of to SEO or marketing. I have some good friends in the industry who are using it and have encouraged me in the past to use it but I will make my own judgement.

I see it as both an amplifier and a content curation system. I think there’s an automatic tweeting mechanism in there, so that should account for some additional mentions on Twitter which is always helpful for branding. Some people actually report getting new contacts or followers from among people in their target markets who were mentioned in their dailies.  I’d also like to use it as a source of information on these topics because I can only sift through so much on my Google Reader.

Right now, I’m inclined to say that it’s useful given those two application I mentioned above. We’ll see if I’m proven wrong in the months ahead.

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