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Feeling Good On Twitter

Yesterday, I tweeted about this article on Search Engine People called ’18 Best Practices To A Traffic Driving Twitter Account’ by Rana Shahbaz.

It got retweeted by about 20 friends from Empire Avenue, and here’s the response I got from the author:

Messages like this and the feeling that you’re making connections with real people out there are what make it all worth it.

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Why I’m On Empire Avenue And Why You Should Be Too

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As you may have gleaned from my previous post about a letter to shareholders, I’m currently playing and dare I say, actively engaged in a game called Empire Avenue.

I’ve always been a gamer but these past couple of years I’ve been staying away from even the tamest browser-based games as I’ve wasted countless hours and squandered opportunities in the past because of excessive gaming.

So, you might ask why play now and why Empire Avenue?

Good questions.

First of all, EAv is not just a game!

It’s a social network where you meet and network with a lot of people in business and other disciplines and where you can make things happen as far as promoting anything via social media is concerned. A great part of my job is in social media engagement and to be able to do that while playing a game is simply…well, you know.

If you’re a business owner, a marketer, an ad or pr agency, an artist, an author, an inventor, a startup, or simply someone who has anything to promote and you want to create buzz about, you should be on Empire Avenue.

Here are four reasons why:


Some say this is the point of the game — for you to be able to launch social media promotion missions (liking a Facebook page, following on Twitter, connecting on LinkedIn, commenting on a blog, subscribing on YouTube, etc.) using virtual currency (they’re called Eaves on Empire Avenue).

What I found out personally, and I think other bloggers have already pointed this out is that people (new contacts) are more motivated to give you a hand if there’s a reward involved and when they’re enjoying themselves doing it. What could be more enjoyable than helping out a new friend or connection by way of earning rewards in a game?


On Empire Avenue, you earn and accumulate eaves (virtual money) by selling your own shares, earning dividends from investments in other people’s stocks, stock trading, and doing missions for others. The eaves you accumulate can then be used to be reinvested in growth or income stocks or to launch your own missions.

Some people take the short cut by buying eaves with real dollars and that’s all right. If you want to minimize your expenses and see your net worth rise by just playing the game, it’s easy enough. I’m expecting to have 2 million eaves by the end of the week and I’ve only been playing for two weeks.

The old investor’s adage of ‘buying low, selling high’ applies here. Missions are also a lucrative source of income and you can find good stocks (high dividend income ratio) to invest in easily on the leaderboards.


Have you been wanting to connect to influencers in your market or niche? Or maybe you’re just aiming to increase your connections on LinkedIn or Facebook. This is the place where you’ll be able to meet them and connect with them. The big players are all here.

You can network to your heart’s delight because while people will initially size you up as an investment, they will be forced to look into your various profiles and content in the process.

The key here is to invest in other people’s stocks, do missions honestly, play fair, and just be sociable. Heck, even if you’re the shyest networker out there, you’ll still be able to make connections – a lot of missions are simply calls to connect in the various social media platforms.

Your own powerful network

If you’ve been neglecting your social media profiles or blogs, Empire Avenue may just be that powerful jolt you need to get back on track.

Your EAv account is conected (if you choose to) to your various social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Foursquare, LinkedIn, etc.). Your level of activity and interactions on these sites and on EAv itself will determine the price of your stocks (partly) and the size of your dividends.

You’d want to keep those numbers up as you play to gain or retain investors, forcing you into an increased level of engagement in your various social networks and blogs. The end result is that after several months of actively playing the game, you’ll end up with profiles and blogs that are several times more powerful and impactful than they were before you started playing the game.

Join Now

You should be getting these benefits or doing all of these activities while you’re on Empire Avenue. Because if not, what’s the point?

You might as well amass virtual fortunes in pointless tycoon games or eggs in Farmville if you’re not using the virtual money to launch missions and get ahead in your social media campaigns. Or do networking elsewhere without worrying about dividends and capital gains. You get my meaning.

Seriously, if you’re not on Empire Avenue today, you’re missing out on something truly unique and powerful in social media. Something that can potentially make a huge difference in your business or professional career.

What are you waiting for? Go sign up now. Or if you’re already on the avenue, let’s get connected there.

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