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Facebook Crowd Wisdom: Bourne Legacy Movie

The Bourne Legacy

The other day, I posed this question on Facebook: A ‘Bourne Legacy’ without Matt Damon, win or fail?

It’s an interesting question because Matt Damon who starred in the previous 3 Bourne movies will not be starring in this one. ‘The Bourne Legacy’ ( August 2012) is directed by Tony Gilroy based on the bestseller Bourne series by Robert Ludlum and Eric Van Lustbader. Cast includes Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Joan Allen, and Edward Norton.

This is also my first post on Facebook Crowd Wisdom (FBCW) that I’m going to be featuring here regularly on this blog. Every 2 days or so, I will be posing a question on Facebook and will blog about the responses that I will get from FB friends.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come.

“A ‘Bourne Legacy’ without Matt Damon, win or fail?”

Here are the answers:

Facebook Crowd Wisdom: The Bourne Legacy Movie

Facebook Crowd Wisdom: The Bourne Legacy Movie

Facebook Crowd Wisdom: The Bourne Legacy Movie

Facebook Crowd Wisdom: The Bourne Legacy Movie

It looks like we’re evenly split with the answers here. I’m thinking it will still be a win based on the powerhouse cast and the veteran director. Here’s the trailer, see for yourself:

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Switching Facebook Profiles On Empire Avenue and Klout

switching Facebook profiles on Klout and Empire AvenueI’ve been planning to do it for 6 months now — create separate Facebook profiles, one for family and personal friends and another one for business contacts. I finally made the switch last Monday and connected the new profile to Empire Avenue and to Klout.

No effect on Klout so far, I suspect they don’t update their information as frequently as Empire Avenue.

On, EAv, the effect was almost immediate as soon as I stopped activities on the old profile — my share price dropped by .45e which caused a bit of panic selling — I ended up with a deficit of 1.45e.

I had a feeling there will be more selling the next day if I didn’t do something. After considering the options, I removed the old profile from EAv and connected the new one which has only about 50+ friends. I then made 25 posts on SEO, social media, and some humorous pics on the profile. Finally, I launched an EAv mission (number 3) inviting people to like the posts and leave a few comments.

Altogether, I got about 20 new friends, 350 likes, and 35 comments from the mission. I didn’t bother to see the conversion rate, I just wanted some good numbers to boost the profile’s grades with EAv.

The result of this was that the profile got a grade of 44 and I recovered the lost 1.45e and made a net gain of 2.45e which made the share price climb to more than 85e for the first time.

Takeaway lesson from this is the ranking can be influenced for as long as you have the eaves to launch missions. While I’m strongly working to network with many of the my new friends on the site and on all the other platforms, I’m convinced that a weekly or biweekly mission directed to each of the connected networks can really do a lot of good to the share price and dividends.

Eaves and plenty of it, that’s the ticket. At 2.3 million after 15 days of playing, I’m on track I think to reach 50 million by the end of the year. That should make for a hefty war chest to launch all those missions.



Empire Avenue Mission Number 2

Empire Avenue missions
Let’s Be Friends On Facebook

I have created an FB profile exclusively for my business and professional friends. This should allow me to network better with all of you and to track, share, and comment on YOUR posts more quickly.

It’s a brand spanking new profile that needs some loving so hit that friend request button fast.

If you want to connect with me on the other platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, the button images at the top of my profile have links to those sites as well.

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU to all my shareholders. With your continued support, I’ve reached my goals of 80e per share price and 2mil war chest (almost) for my second week in the game. Thank you very much.

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How To Open Your Secret Facebook Inbox

I was responding to some posts made on one of my LinkedIn groups’ discussion board when I came across this post about a second secret inbox on Facebook — one that you’re never notified about by Facebook.

Ever wondered why you never got any response from an old friend you were trying to reconnect with on Facebook? Or perhaps why you never heard back from someone who posted something about your company that you tried to contact?

The most likely answer: your mail landed in this second inbox. They never knew about your message!

So, how do you access this second so-called ‘secret’ Facebook inbox?

Simply go to your Home page on Facebook and click on your Messages.

Open your second Facebook Inbox

Another tab called ‘Other’ will appear, click on it, and that’s it!

Open your secret inbox on Facebook

Ok, as the CoupSmart article mentioned, some letters are spammy — I got a few from students in some far off locations in Africa asking for donations, laptops, etc. But, I’m sure there are important messages in there that you didn’t really want to miss.

I’ve had messages in there from a couple of years back from people I’ve always wanted to connect with on Facebook. Talk about lost opportunities!

If you’re one of those who sent me a message before we became Facebook friends, rest assured that I didn’t intentionally ignore your mail. I never knew it was there.

I’m still using the old profile format so the location may vary a bit but trust me, that second Facebook inbox is there.

If you find this article helpful, please feel free to leave a comment below. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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